Infographic: Should Your Company Outsource EDI?



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Outsourcing EDI can be very beneficial for a business.  Should your company outsource EDI?  

Here are 6 questions that can help you decide: 

Is EDI a primary service or offering from your business? If not, don't waste your time on it.  Do what you do well -- focus on the functions you specialize in!

Is there a competitive advantage to doing your EDI in-house? If bringing or keeping EDI in-house does not generate profits for your business, outsourcing to experts in managed EDI services will benefit you and your business.

Do you have a full-time staff in-house specializing in EDI? EDI is routine and it could waste valuable time and energy of your current employees.

Is EDI advancing your IT initiatives? EDI is typically a process that someone else, outside of the business, can do better and more cost efficiently.

Are the costs of a managed EDI service lower than what it would take in time, infrastructure and manpower to do in-house? It may be worth outsourcing these functions to companies focusing 100% on EDI services.

Are the risks of NOT performing big? If choosing to EDI in-house, is there a higher risk of mistakes causing customer delays, downtime to vendors, or other instances portraying a negative outlook of your business?

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